webshops for publications

Sell your editions both digitally and physically via our webshop solution

Webshops for publications

Sell your editions digital and physically both for single sale as in subscription form.

Webshop for selling physical editions, digital editions and related items

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Read digital editions directly in apps and on websites

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Order management for all your orders

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a webshop for publications: why

Take control by using ePublisher’s own branded webshop. No remittances to third parties and the ability to post editions online whenever it suits you. Sell your entire archive and also your latest editions. Because you can search through the content from your editions in the ePublisher webshop solution, old content becomes valuable again. Of course the webshops are built in a way the search engines can easily find it. The statistics allow you to continuously optimize the webshop yourself or together with ePublisher for maximum efficiency.


Sell your editions and news online. Both digital and physical editions

To sell your newspapers, magazines and other publications ePublisher has developed the Webshop. This webshop is created and optimized especially for publishers. Fully styled according to your brand experience. This system is made in WordPress with Woo-commerce but linked to the ePublisher systems, this gives you maximum flexibility. The publication webshop is adapted to be able to sell both physical and digital editions. You will get your own webshop and you are fully in control of payments and members without additional costs to Apple, Google (or us of course). Choose your own payment provider, in that case you receive the income directly and you minimize your selling costs.

Webshop features for publications

The ePublisher application is the result of 10 year of continuous development based on the wishes, needs and requirements of publishers like yourself. We have bundled all the knowledge and experience into unique publisher applications in a standardized and affordable solution. A solution for a single brand or multiple brands, the ePublisher application makes it all possible. A few of these standard possibilities within the webshop for publishers


Advertising module (most advertising platforms such as google ads)

Publishing digital newspapers has never been easier

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How can we help you?
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