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Succesful Cases in digital publishing

Some companies that have preceded you


ePublisher has experience with every type of publisher, we will always commit 100% to become successful together. Success does not stop at the delivery of a product. ePublisher is continuously optimizing the system. They do this together with customers, by listening to their experiences and wishes. They don’t look at “what can we make” but “what is needed for these publishers in the digital world”. As a result, there is a continuous update with relevant new developments. You can then use it if desired.


For specific cases that are similar to your company, feel free to ask us for examples.


Publisher magazine with audio (USA)
– Single brand-app with audio option in reader
– Connection subscription system Quickfill
– Website with clipped content from editions

Weespernieuws Extra

Local newspaper  (NL)
– News-app, connection Pubble editorial platform

– Combination of free and premium content

– Incl social login


Publisher magazines (NL)
– Single brand-app, incl. in-app purchases

– Webreader for subscribers, incl download PDF option
– Connection subscription system MediaCompetence


Publisher magazines (NL)
– Kiosk-app with all-you-can-read concept

– Editions filter on subject
– Webreader for subscribers

Den Haag Centraal
Den Haag Centraal

Local newspaper (NL)
-Newspaper in branded app
– Incl import articles from website
– Connection subscription system SP Abonneeservice

Motorpress app website

Publisher magazines (ES)
– Kiosk-app with all-you-can-read concept


– Webreader for subscribers

Whisky Passion

Publisher magazine (NL)
– Single brand-app
– Connection subscription system Abonnementenland
– Incl location option (find your nearest Whisky hotspot)

Le Quotidien

Newspaper (LU)
– Newspaper branded app en webreader
– Import editions with news-ML format
– Connection subscription system API


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