Unleash the digital potential of your magazines and articles in news, epaper apps.

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Solutions from the ePublisher platform are equipped with all relevant functions to help you build a solid foundation in the digital world.

Apps for publishing for digital magazines, newspapers and epapers

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Apps for publishing digital magazines newspapers and epapers combined with news and/or individual articles

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Unleash the digital potential of your editions. Our apps are more than just an additional distribution channel.

Take the step to the ePublisher digital publishing platform and sell your digital editions and news with the apps from ePublisher. With the ePublisher app solutions you can publish fast and easy on IOS and Android in any desired business model.


why news & epaper apps

Reach out to your audience optimally with the publishing of digital magazines and enrich your PDF publications with video, images, sound, animation, links and much more.

Offer your news and individual articles paid, for free or a login.

Digital magazines are the solution to stay relevant for your members and to reach an continuously growing audience. Now and in the future. 

You can reach your audience faster with apps. It is much easier for your readers to save and search your publications and because of the push notifications it’s almost certain that the reader will download the latest edition. Because your readers will always have your icon on their screen, they will always see a reminder about you and your content.

For an extensive conversation without any strings attached about whether apps can also work for you, please contact us. We are happy to advise you.

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The ePublisher application is the result of 10 year of continuous development based on the wishes, needs and requirements of publishers like yourself. We have bundled all the knowledge and experience into unique publisher applications in a standardized, flexible, affordable solution. A solution for a single brand or multiple brands, the ePublisher application makes it all possible. We have listed a few of these options below, but if you have other wishes / requirements, please ask us. The system contains many more options. In addition, we can add any custom made option you want or need.


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Having a native app has never been easier

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