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Digital magazines

Join the change to the digital publishing platform and sell your magazines and articles digitally like never before.

Provide fully protected digital magazines and enrich your PDF publications with video, images, sound, animation, links and much more just by accessing your own environment “The Creator”.

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digital newspapers

From printed to digital newspapers. ePublisher offers a extensive digital publishing platform for newspapers.

Distribute your newspapers as PDF files locally or across all continents.

Choose our digital platform to provide your readers with an amazing online newspaper reader experience. Besides that you can choose to sell or offer articles, directly from the PDF, imported through ‘feeds’, or added in your own environment “the creator”.

digital news

Publish all news articles directly from your CMS or directly into the ePublisher creator. Free to read or blocked by any type of subscription or individual sales.

Distribute your news articles directly from your editorial system, CMS, PDF or place it directly in the ePublisher creator. Send immediate push notifications and ensure a maximum reach and optimal engagement.

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App Development

Advice and Service

With over 10 years of experience in digital publishing with publishers, ePublisher can provide you with optimal advice in the digital distribution of your content.


Advertising platform

Advertisements in your digital environment can be added in the creator, but can also be fully automated from almost any advertising platform.


Subscription Services

Subscriptions can be divided in the Creator, but can also be linked to your existing systems. Because of this your digital subscriptions dont require any extra work.


Article resale

Articles from your PDF, CMS or the creator can be delivered to third parties for extra sales. The flexibility of the system ensures that this is possible for almost any output format.

App Development

Clipping service

If you only have a PDF file, it is possible to extract the articles in a structured manner for a click layer in your PDF, resale or your own archive.



To improve your content, it is important to know what and how your content is read. The system offers extensive analysis options for this.

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Complete native apps for publishers

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Spread your news & digital/physical releases

Business boosters

Successfully digitally together

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It has never been easier to digitally publish


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