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Clipping service

Improve the readability of your content and build a structured archive of your content

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clipping service

Clipping service is the extraction of articles from your PDF files


Publishers often have the end product of an edition, in PDF form. The clipping service ensures that your articles are extracted from the PDF. Fully structured with the title, subtitle, stream, text, images and whatever other part is included. Everything is stored as a separate element. Perfect for reusing or reselling your content. Besides that, without any extra effort from your side, it becomes possible to click on the articles in the PDF and they will see an article view that fits exactly on the user’s device. This ensures the ultimate reading experience of your edition on any device. The layout of the articles will be displayed in your style. Therefore it’s also possible to create a database of your articles, which you can use for internal purposes. But you can also offer these to your customer as individual articles, categorized in the way you want. If you would like to know what this looks like for you, ask for a free demo of the extraction of your PDF.

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