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Iedere abonnementsvorm is mogelijk, daarnaast kan bijna iedere bestaande abonnementendienst worden gekoppeld

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In the ePublisher Creator any desired subscription form can be configured that you need. A third system is therefore not necessary for your digital publications and/or news & articles. However, if you already use a subscription service or system, this can be linked. As a result, you only have 1 registration of your subscribers and changes are automatically processed in your digital solution. 

This way you don’t have any extra work to keep track of your (digital) subscribers. Doing double work is of course not desirable and especially prone to errors, that is why we will automate as much as possible and let the technology do its work. Many subscription systems are already linked by default, otherwise ask us if your system is already available. If not, we can easily do this for you in most cases.

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