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LOCAL NEWS Successful digital publishing

Unleash the digital potential of your local news media


ePublisher platform and apps are equipped with all the relevant features to help you build a solid foundation in the digital world.

Digital publishing of free, paid or registration dependent digital newspapers in native apps and websites/webshops.

Digital publishing of news and/or individual articles (both free, paid or registration dependent) possibly combined newspapers

Connect with any desired editorial platform such as Pubble, Adfactory, subscription system such as SP subscription service, Abonnementenland and/or advertising platform

Content conversion from PDF to articles and/or delivery to, among others, Blendle, ANP, Lexis Nexus

Digital newspapers publishers digital publishing newspaper

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Why local news media publish digitally

The ePublisher newspaper/news apps and websites are more than just an additional distribution channel for local news media. With our digital newspapers and news solutions you always remain relevant and appropriate to the current demand of your reader.

ePublisher is more than just a bridge between online and print.

With the ePublisher solutions you can easily and quickly publish your news and editions on IOS, Android and Pc/Mac, directly from your editorial system or by adding PDF files. We convert this into news/articles and make an optimal reader experience of your content for every device.

We also make it possible to continuously test and improve your ad performance, UX and design features.

Validated learning to additionally engage, retain and ultimately increase your audience within the platform.

Digital newspapers

Reach your audience optimally by publishing your local news and digital newspapers. Enrich with video, images, sound, animation, links and much more.

Our solutions are the way to stay relevant to your audience and reach an ever-expanding target audience. Now and in the future.

Digitally you can reach your audience faster, saving and searching your publication is much easier for your readers and push notifications almost guarantee that your reader will download the latest edition.

Through our onward delivery services you can also easily earn extra with your content without much extra work.

Request a free demo now. Get to know your own environment ‘The Creator’ and discover the many possibilities.

Newspapers & News

Complete apps for everything a newspaper publisher needs. News, epapers, ads, subscriptions and more.

News & news websites

Complete websites for everything a newspaper publisher needs. News, epapers, ads, subscriptions and more.

Clipping service

Extract all articles from newspaper and provide structured storage for reuse and resale.


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Digital local news publishing has never been easier!

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